Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Being Healthy

Is not a goal. It is a lifestyle. 

Start with one small change and build on that.

  • Replace juices or sodas with water. If you don’t like the taste of water, add a drop of lemon oil, lime oil, grapefruit oil, or Peppermint oil. Not only does it add flavor but it also benefits your digestive system and helps support your cells.
  • Get up and move! We all sit for most of the day, set an alarm that will go off every hour. When it goes off, take a brisk walk around your office or a run up and down your stairs at home. Do something to get your blood pumping.
  • Keep your favorite citrus oil at your desk and place on your vita flex points throughout the day for extra motivation and alertness.
  • Add a little more fresh veggies to your diet and eat a little less junk.
  • Replace a chemical filled cleaner with a plant based one.
  • Choose to use glass over endocrine blocking plastics.
  • Replace chemically fragranced products (ie shampoos and lotions) with all natural ones, scented with EO’s. Or even try to make you own.

Be Nice to Yourself

It’s Okay

Everything in moderation is okay. Don’t beat yourself up over a slip-up. Just.Keep.Moving.Forward.

Find something that requires you to move your body, that you love doing, and KEEP DOING IT.

GET OUTSIDE! Enjoy nature. Meditate. Hike.

Eat the rainbow

Adding essential oils to an unhealthy body is only a bandaid. They will not support your health alone. 

Adding essential oils to a healthy lifestyle, will help catapult you to another level.

Make the small changes.