The Study of Cells

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The Study of cells

An Introduction

Essential Oils &


  • The human body is composed of approximately 100 trillion cells
  • Essential oils contain 40 million-trillion molecules per single drop. That is enough to cover every cell in our bodies with 400,000 molecules per cell.
  • It only take one molecule of the right kind to communicate with DNA to alter cellular function.
  • For molecules to pass the blood brain barrier it must be smaller than 800-1000 amu (atomic mass unit) Some now say under 400 amu and must be lipid soluble.
  • Essential oils have an atomic mass unit of 300 and are lipid soluble.

Why is any of this important? 

These molecules are so small they are able to pass through our tissue and enter our cells. Our body is able to transport these molecules through our entire body within minutes. If you place a drop of Lavender on the bottom of your foot, your body will be infiltrated with 40 million-trillion molecules within 20 minutes. That is some powerful stuff.

This is one major reason why you should always make sure your oils are truly “100% pure therapeutic grade”*.  To take it step further, you should make sure the plants that are used are pure, the soil they are grown in is pure, and the seeds that are used are unaltered. Starting from the seed of the plant to the first distillation**, everything should be PURE. No synthetic additives, no fertilizers, no pesticides, and no GMO’s.

* There is no FDA regulation on how essential oil companies label their bottles, almost all oils you see on the market will say “pure therapeutic grade”. You need to be you own best advocate and do your research. 

** Anything more than first distillation (i.e. second or third) has to be done with chemicals to extract additional oil from the already distilled plant.